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Everyone could use a little help sometimes. In fact, most healthy people occasionally face personal or work-related matters that affect their mental health, which in turn affects productivity at work. It's okay! Tri-County Employee Assistance Program is here to lend a hand.

Tri-County exists to assist work organizations in addressing productivity issues, while helping employees and their dependents identify and resolve personal  concerns.

Who we are

Tri-County Employee Assistance Program is a non-profit, mental health and supportive services agency focused solely on helping employees and their employers in Summit County and surrounding counties. In operation since 1980, Tri-County Employee Assistance Program is a division of Greenleaf Family Center, a local organization providing counseling to families since 1912.

Tri-County Employee Assistance Program staff members are experienced, knowledgeable, caring, competent and culturally sensitive. All assessments and short-term out patient treatment services are provided by, or under the supervision of, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor or an Independent Licensed Social Worker.

What we do

Tri-County Employee Assistance Program provides employees and their dependents with confidential counseling and employee solutions that go beyond what is included in typical employee health benefits packages, ultimately improving job performance and creating solutions for employers.

Tri-County Employee Assistance Program is a personal family counseling center with a staff of experienced and trained professional, who are knowledgeable about issues and concerns that face all of us. Tri-County maintains strict standards of confidentiality.

We approach counseling as a means for healthy people who are trying to improve their lives. We explore issues related to depression, relationships, substance abuse, finances, in addition to wellness concerns such as smoking cessation, stress management, weight loss and high blood pressure. Training is provided to managers and supervisors as well as unlimited consultations in regard to troubled employees, workplace crises and interventions.

Why you can believe in us

Tri-County Employee Assistance Program is non-profit and is certified by the Council on Accreditation. We're known for keeping all employees' identities and information strictly confidential, and for maintaining high standards of service for both employers and employees since 1980.

Yet the strongest testaments to our effectiveness are the positive feedback and frequent referrals we get from our clients.

Helping employers and employees is our one and only focus, and we do so with a special dedication to our own community.

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Who we are

Who We Are

What we do

What We Do

Why you can believe in us

Why you can believe in us

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