Money-Saving Benefits

Employees in Workplace Training Session

Studies have shown that some of the most expensive issues employers face are often related to the personal problems of their employees.

  • 30% of employee absenteeism and 56% of terminations are related to personal issues.
  • 47% of industrial injuries and 40% of industrial fatalities can be linked to alcohol consumption and/or alcoholism.

The good news is that Tri-County Employee Assistance Program offers solutions that can empower your employees to resolve personal matters and become more productive members of your company team.

Our services can also help you meet some of the eligibility requirements for premium discounts through the Drug-Free Workplace program. And because employees are more likely to use local counseling than national EAPs, choosing Tri-County Employee Assistance Program encourages higher participation and even better results.

Overall, Tri-County Employee Assistance Program can help you save about $8 to $20 for every dollar you invest.